What is Green Parcel Service?

Green Parcel Service is a comprehensive cannabis distribution company created by marijuana industry professionals in 2015. Comprised of marijuana distribution experts, trusted couriers, METRC specialists, and a partnership with renowned Colorado law firm Vicente Sederberg, GPS is the industry leader in 3rd party transportation and cannabis distribution compliance.

What services does GPS provide?

GPS provides a variety of distribution services including delivery of cannabis and cannabis goods, facilitating the transportation of wholesale inventory, METRC analysis and compliance consultation.

How can my company benefit from using GPS?

Green Parcel Service can improve your supply chain by streamlining the transportation of your valuable goods. Our experience and emphasis on safety and compliance make GPS the most affordable and secure distribution option in the cannabis industry.

Does GPS Offer Cargo Insurance?

Green Parcel Service offers up to $5,000 in cargo insurance for every delivery. Your company can relax knowing your product is safe and your investment is insured.