GPS is coming to Michigan in 2020!

GPS Transportation is proud to announce that we will begin offering secure transportation options for licensed Michigan medical marijuana companies in 2020! We have partnered with an experienced group of Michigan based security experts to begin providing distribution and supply chain management solutions for the newly regulated world of Michigan cannabis. GPS has several years of legal cannabis distribution experience operating within Colorado's strict recreational cannabis regulations, many of which were used as a model for drafting Michigan's medical marijuana laws. Our industry-tested transportation techniques have made us the premier marijuana distribution network in the country! We even have the honored distinction of being the first officially licensed marijuana transportation company in the world!

A regulated cannabis environment can often be difficult to navigate, especially during the transitional period of drafting and implementing new compliance standards. GPS has extensive experience with these obstacles, and we are excited to help Michigan cannabis companies excel during these moments of transition. Our unique partnership with renowned marijuana law firm Vicente Sederberg gives us an exclusive advantage with regard to regulatory interpretation as they are widely considered to be the marijuana industry's leading firm on cannabis law. Many of Michigan's newly drafted regulations are modeled after Colorado's recreational laws, a number of which our own board members personally authored. GPS Transportation has the resources and the expertise to lead your Michigan marijuana company down the road to success!

Our knowledge and ability to plan and coordinate the safest and most discrete transportation routes are made possible by our team of lifelong Michigan residents with an extensive background in high-profile military transport and special operations security movements. With this specialized skillset, GPS has the ability to transport your valuable inventory to the highest level of safety and security. Our ability to adapt and maintain transparency with our clients allows us to set the standard for cannabis transportation throughout Michigan.