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GPS Transportation is a comprehensive cannabis courier service and transportation company created by marijuana industry professionals in 2015. Composed of marijuana transportation experts, trusted cannabis couriers, METRC specialists, and a partnership with renowned Colorado law firm Vicente Sederberg, GPS is the industry leader in 3rd party transportation and cannabis delivery compliance. With an emphasis on security, expertise and professionalism, Green Parcel Service provides peace of mind for Colorado marijuana companies who wish to improve their shipping protocol.

Our  unique staff of experienced cannabis couriers and transportation experts are here to help streamline your supply chain by facilitating safe transit options for your valuable inventory. We understand the sensitive nature of marijuana transportation and how important it is to your cannabis company. The security of your inventory is top priority at GPS, and our couriers are trained to the highest standards of both safety and compliance.

GPS is currently providing cannabis courier services and transportation solutions for both large and small marijuana companies, ranging from in-house production facilities, to wholesale providers and MIP kitchens. Whether you are a new recreational facility who relies primarily on wholesale production, or an existing medical establishment with specific chain of command needs, Green Parcel Service possesses the knowledge required to address your company's unique transport scenario. Many 3rd party delivery services offer you transportation, GPS offers you real industry experience. 

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