Technology is a fundamental component of the GPS philosophy. We deliver YOUR product, and you deserve to know where YOUR product is at all times. Thanks to our all new fleet tracking technology, you can check online on the day of your delivery and track the progress of your package! When your delivery is nearing its final destination, you will receive a text message notification, as well as an email informing you that your product is close. No more sitting back and wondering when your much needed inventory will make it through the door. Stay ahead of the game with GPS!

GPS Transportation prides itself on its extensive use of modern transportation technology. Our fleet of cargo vans are equipped in vehicle wi-fi, global positioning systems, and hands free speaking options to ensure that our drivers can make important decisions without jeopardizing the security of your goods. We live in the 21st century, and GPS aims to take full advantage of our technologically rich environment. Our one of a kind fleet tracking technology is exclusively available with GPS Transportation, so take advantage of the future today!

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